Account Based Advertising
Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all about marketing to prospects in your funnel in a personalized way. It is primarily done through email and is best utilized when communicating with prospects who’ve already indicated an interest in hearing from you (drip campaigns, newsletters, white papers, etc.).

But how does one communicate with prospects that have not yet expressed an interest? Sadly, many companies rely on email for this too, which is essentially spam. Spamming prospects who’ve never heard of you with unsolicited email is both brand damaging and ineffective.

Account-Based Advertising (ABA) is the solution to this. Delivering informative ads and video messages to your prospects when they’re online is both effective and brand positive. This leads them to your website where they can opt in to your ABM funnel or engage directly in your sales process.

Account-Based Advertising was first introduced by CEA Data. Using Named Target Marketing, we can implement ABA to reach the individual decision-makers qualified to buy from you.

To learn more, watch our CEO’s recent talk about Account Based Advertising, and where it fits into an overall Account-Based strategy, or schedule a call with one of our specialists today.